Huntington Ballet Academy Classes Spring 2016
Level 1 (ages 7-9 or by placement)
This class transitions dancers from Primary work to basic barre, center work and allegro and lays the foundation for dancers wanting to continue towards the higher levels of ballet technique. Students will master that final level of refinement of the Primary curriculum. This class includes conditioning, center work, turns, and allegro while introducing more complex coordination, musicality and expression. More emphasis on development of strength, flexibility and turnout.
Must take 1 Ballet technique class/week and character/modern, jazz classes as scheduled
May take Primary classes to make –up any missed classes or as additional work at no additional charge
Uniform: Magenta official ABT uniform

Level 2 (ages 8-10 or by placement)
Dancers in this level have mastered the Primary curriculum and are ready for a full class of barre, center, turns, allegro and conditioning. This level lays the technical foundation for all the upper levels in coordination, movement quality and musicality. Emphasis is placed on correct posture, placement and turnout so that dancers develop the strength and flexibility to master the exercises and combinations. Working knowledge of ballet theory is introduced in this level.
2 days ballet technique & character/modern, jazz classes as scheduled
Uniform: Coral official ABT uniform

Levels 3 (ages 9+ by placement)
This level is the next step in connecting basic ballet technique with more complex rhythm and coordination. Dancers will be refining their technical base including posture, turnout and placement while broadening their movement vocabulary. Class includes barre, center, turns, allegro and conditioning. Classes emphasize exercises to develop strength and endurance, linking movements into combinations that develop artistry. Working knowledge of ballet theory and history is also emphasized.
3 days ballet technique & character/modern, jazz classes as scheduled
Uniform: Sapphire official ABT uniform

Level 4A & 4B (ages 11+ by placement)
This class will include full barre, center, turns, allegro, conditioning and Pointe & pre-Pointe. Classes will further develop rhythms, coordination, weight shifting, beats and turns while refining posture, placement and turnout. Builds upon previous levels, introducing more complex movements and spatial patterns. Some dancers may be given permission to start introductory pointe work.
4 days Ballet technique, Pointe & pre-Pointe, character/modern,jazz classes as scheduled
Uniform: Violet official ABT leotard

Note: Students are encouraged to take classes below their level of study for make-ups for classes missed or to enhance their program of study.